Please do not attempt any of these exercise without first consulting your doctor.

This page is to complement those that already have bought the Mandala Book .

Make sure you read the book on the full subject first. Pg 1 – Yin and Yang- Enjoy it!

Meridians are the path ways of energy that are interconnected with our internal organs and their functions. Through them that ” Chi ” or “Prana” circulate in the body.

Bellow is Heart and Small Intestine Meridian Streath based on Shizuto Mazunaga Book.

  1. Sitting on Butterfly pose and bending forward bringing the elbows towards the front.
  2. Stay on for at least 6 breaths.

Liver and Gall Bladder Meridian Exercises


  1. Sitting down and opening your legs a part from each other in a comfortable pose.

2. bendding to the right allowing yourself to stretch the left side of the body for at least 6 breaths.

Back to centre and the going to the left side again allowing to stay there for at least 6 breaths.

Stay longer if you can.


Bladder and Kidneys Meridian Exercises

  1. Inhale stretching the legs in front of you and lifting the arms up
  2. Exhale bend forward into a complete forward bend. Stay at least for 6 breaths.