At Cricket St Thomas Leisure Centre- Warner Hotel- Somerset


The fall season brings us an invitation to open our hearts , letting go of blockages and sorrow.

We will be offering a special season for you in a very special place, so please come and join us for these Sound Immersions Journeys that will cleanse your body, heart and soul.

The Fall is the time of the year to let go, these sessions will inspire us to open up our hearts, allowing us to find time and space for inner healing that will reverberate from inside and out.


Please call us for bookings and more information at 07963 732235 or

sign in at the Front Desk of the Leisure Centre at Cricket St Thoma.


October 29 Sunday- 16:30h – Sound Journey Immersion – Introduction day

November 12 Sunday- 16:30h- Waning Moon- Sound Journey Immersion- Letting go …

November 26 Sunday – 16:30h – Crescent Moon -Sound Journey Immersion- Letting grow …

December 03 Sunday – 16:30h- Full Moon- Sound Journey Immersion- Plenitude/Emptiness

December 17 Sunday – 16:30h-New Moon- Sound Journey Immersion- Renovation and Rebirth


£ 5 for members  £ 10 non members


We are looking forward to meeting you!

Lila and Martin


email :