foto zen shiatsu

Touch of Harmony- Zen Shiatsu-

Liberating the flux of energy through the meridian lines and activating the acupressure points with pressure and gentle stretching.

A liberating  way to restore health,balance and gratitude into our life.

Please do not eat 2 hours before the session


Singing Bowls and Gongs

 Through vibration and resonance

Transformation and liberation 

Sound is creation, preservation and destruction

It allows us to experience the visible and the invisible

It invites us to perceive and connect with the unknown

Providing a private and unique journey for each one of us

An infinite path that will awaken us to infinite possibilities …


Individual sessions , groups, families and couples.


Phone: 07963 732235

O som vibra, transforma e sintoniza.

Infinito criador, preservador e destruidor .

Nos permite vivenciar o visivel e o invisivel.

Uma experiencia particular de cada um …

Caminho infinito que nos desperta para infinitas possibilidades …

Nada mais nada menos a dizer …

Espere o inesperado !