Next Sound Journey Immersion

Fall Season at Cricket St. Thomas Leisure Centre – Somerset

£ 5 for members and £ 10 non-members

Sundays at 16:30h

October 29

November 12

November 26

December 03

December 17

Please call us for registration 07963 732235 or sign at the Front Desk of the Leisure Club at Cricket

What is a Sound Journey?

It’s an invitation to experience the sound and vibration of many different sacred instruments that allows you to call from the inside out and outside in, a` journey that reveals different aspects of your life in a intuitive and open way.

You don’t have to do anything, you just open yourself to receive and experience.

Each instrument brings a different vibration and allows us to feel inner piece and harmony on a cellular level.12111996_1056645771052628_5524847705811706864_n[1]

Sometimes the sound can penetrate unknown areas that may cause physical or emotional discomfort, but is only part of the cleansing process of this work. Be open to your personal journey! I

The sound of the Gong invites us to experience the infinite that lies beneath all manifestations …

It challenges you to perceive the bigger picture removing  the limitations of your being …

Allowing yourself to be open for the unexpected , you will perceive an open field with unlimited possibilities and it will release and restore  …

Its very difficult to try to describe something that can only be experience in the present moment …

It’s never the same, it’s never programed …

The best posture to receive this work is Savasana, but if you cannot lie down , it can be done in a sitting position, or in a chair , we can always accommodate for you.

Gong Meditation are usually experienced in a sitting position. We work with different mudras , breathing and we can use mantras as well.



It allows yourself to be open to have your own experience and discover the unknown voice inside you …

The term “Gong Bath” was created by Don Conreaux and expresses the immersion within the fullness resonance of the gong.

Being totally emerged in sound and feeling the internal vibration within our cells, everything vibrates …. everything is energy…

We not only hear the sound , we actually feel it !





O som do gongo reflete o infinito do nosso SER .

Ele nos convida a sair do pequeno e dos limites…

Ele nos permite conhecer um campo onde tudo pode ser possivel…

O “Banho de Gongo” termo criado pelo Mestre Don Conreaux, traz a imersão dentro da totalidade do som.


O som penetra , vibrando cada célula do nosso corpo, sentimos o som, não somente o escutamos e essa sensação difere de uma pessoa para outra, cada pessoa vivencia o banho de gongo  unicamente, essa experiência nunca se repete. Muitas vezes ele incomoda dependendo dos nossos bloqueios físicos-emocionais, ele pode causar sensações de medo e ansiedade, mas tudo faz parte do processo de purificação e libertação através do som. O mais importante e nos entregarmos a essa  vivencia.


Os sinos e tigelas entre outros instrumentos fazem parte do cenários de som que intuitivamente criamos para essa linda imersão, construindo uma ponte entre o visível e o invisível ….