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We found a very special place to begin this second year in the UK. Somerset has offered us a re-connection with nature with a lots of greens, trees , flowers and also 12 miles from the ocean.

I can’t explain how much I love to be able to step on the ground with my bare feet, work in the garden, plant and be surrounded by nature. It really brings a feeling of wholeness, calm and peace….

The “Curves of Life” invites us to experience the Sunrise and the Sunset in so many perspectives from the inside and out. …
The Moon always guides us to perceive all different cycles of life with wisdom and clarity …
So far there have been many curves in our life’s , many Sunrises and Sunsets, but we have always stayed in tune with the cycles of the Moon …

Life invites us to experience new perceptions and new dimensions of our being in connection with the whole,  and I must say that this New Portal that has been opened is all about that.

It’s been really great for us to be back in nature and perceive it is powerful source and how its connect us into a deeper and higher dimension of our being into connection with others.

Our garden brought us Lavenders, Lemon balms, beautiful flowers and a variety that I am still learning about. We been planting Rosemary, Basil, Mint, Verbena, Parsley and different flowers that we can eat, cherry tomatoes and little by little we will plant more and more. We are also doing lots of learning as well and we are opening new spaces to plant.


I’ve been making some very special potions of natural products made from herbs we grow and sending them for my lovely friends as a way of connection and healing. It’s been a magical experience.

If you feel you need a potion from Nature’s Call, please let me know and I will connect  to you and I will post by mail this very special “Astral Gift”.



It’s basic recipe is Love , Nature and Alchemy of the Sun and the Moon …

Love & Alchemy




At the same time we will love to share this with our friends that we know they will love and also need time of re-connection of body, mind and soul.

It would be  nonsensical to have this place if I could not share it.

Come visit us  !



Hari Om!





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