First year living in the UK …


It’s almost been one year since we moved to the UK and I must say it was quite an intensive year, I would like to share a little about our journey so far.

 Moving countries is always a great way to immerse yourself totally in a different perspective of life, and challenge yourselves to new episodes that we never really thought could exist. This is about being open to give and receive by composing with life’s invitation …

When we walk into a completely new scene of life , we must at first observe and feel how can we compose ourselves into this already existing picture. This way we all learn from each other and an interchange of culture and energy happens naturally.


Our main goal this year was our family, as life invited us into an inwards experience.

We took the time to support my son Anthony giving him structure to adjust into a completely different life style and a new system of education which brought him new visions and perceptions about himself. At first Anthony was very resistant about moving, as he grew up in Brazil and had  very much  a free life growing up at Jatoba Terra Prana and also all his friends were In Brasil.

With our guidance and discipline he actually bloomed out of the fear and resistance as he embrace and accepted the new challenges life had brought him and he really made a lot of progress from the inside out . Anthony made many new friends and actually enjoyed Thistley Hough Academy and also his kickboxing lessons near by our house and beautiful Drawing Classes with Laura Potter-Dunn.  He developed a routine and was surprised with his accomplishments.

It is  hard to leave your home country when you are 14, so this was our first main goal for this year.

We came to Stoke on Trent and  lived in a quiet Terrace House in a dead end street , sometimes the neighbours made a lots of noise and it was like watching a soap opera live on your own street.

I must say how much I enjoyed this first year and how much I connected with the earth element. Since Anthony was born, I believe we have never been so close and we really took this time to work the family plot.

I believe that was a big surprise for us all of how we adapted and reverenced what life had to offer us and how much we learned this last year in a totally different way that we never thought possible.

I really took the time that I never had before to write the Mandala Book and it was a very special occasion for me, this project  unfolded beautifully during the winter. Martin also helped me so much with this project as the book was in English. Tony , my ex husband told me about his publisher and we contacted Rachel Greene at Penoaks that worked along side us with the book .

Martin also took time to find amazing instruments to build our repertory , as we had to sell everything in Brasil before we came. Those instruments were part of our workshops and classes during this year.

Every week we had a lovely group at the Chiron Institute at the Healing Room upstairs where I shared Mandala Yoga in a very natural and organic way, it felt just perfect for this time. Thanks for John and June Shapter that opened the space for this weekly Mandala Experience during the process that I was writing the book it was really special!

Living close by the Chiron Institute also gave me the chance to participate and receive some sessions and was a very nice time out from the” boys” during this last year …

Mandala Group Mondays( our last class): Helen, Sandra, Caroline, Jo, Teddy, Cath and her husband

We met Carly Wurly and she became a Mandala Yoga student and also help me to promote the Mandala Yoga sessions at the Chiron inviting her friends. Carly became a nice healing friend as she also works with Sound Healing. We joined a Indian Head massage course together on the fall and it was great to exchange our healing practice , especially during the winter. Carly hosted a lovely event at a Mongolian Yurt where we shared Mandala Yoga and Sound Healing, it was an amazing afternoon of partnership , love and healing with a beautiful group. Thanks Carly for your energy and support.

We met Emma Dunn in our first Mandala Yoga Class. Emma and I went for a great walk all the way to Newcastle and we had an amazing time talking about life, family, challenges and so on… later I met her daughter Laura Potter-Dunn ( illustrator and artist) who contributed with one of her illustrations for the Mandala Book. Laura became Anthony’s drawing teacher and really took him on a nice Journey through art classes. Thanks Emma and Laura , it was great to meet you both!

We met John Crosbie and other sound healers at the Community Concert at the Chiron . It was a great experience that led us to meet Moyra Irving and other beautiful people at the Healing Clinic and the Extra Guest Charity. It was so important to integrate with the community and share our energy with the people. Thanks so much for all this beautiful work  that you all share.

It was really special to share shiatsu and mandala yoga at the Healing Clinic, I love to connect with the community and meet the people this way, it was a gift to meet everyone in the Clinic.

John Crosbie invite me to join” Sacran” a beautiful devotional experience that brings together the essence of love , celebration and sharing from different cultures without boundaries. We had a great time chanting, praying,  drumming and creating with John, Sheena, Sandra with the Violin and Elva with the Shamanic Drum. Great sharing at the Chiron Institute with different groups. Thanks John for all your energy and getting everyone together in this Journey!

I was so blessed to meet my Shiatsu sister Agnes Fulop, we became friends and also we made some great exchanges of shiatsu and motherhood . Agnes also has a son the same age as Anthony, so we could relate to each other in different aspects of our life.

I joined Deb and Jenni  at the Yoga Smith and felt home with my yogini sisters and grateful to practice with them as it really help me to  move the prana and remove Kapha during the winter. That also lead us to share and meet really special people in many different ways. Thanks so much Deb and Jenni ,it really special to meet you both and practice at Yoga Smith.

Great Raw chocolate from Jenni: Mr POPPLE’S Chocolate

I also met Wendy and the beautiful things she sells from India , soon we realized that we were neighbours , so I had the chance to buy something special for our new house and meet her lovely dog.

We had the great experience to share Mandala Yoga with Jay Rossi and his wonderful group, we had very deep sessions in Stoke and later in Nottingham. Thanks Jay , it was a gift to meet you!

Coming to an end of a Cycle Jo Aire invited us  be part of the Solstice Day at the Spode. What a perfect way to close a cycle in the “Potteries”, sharing at the Spode Rose Garden Center. We had a delightful  morning of nature connection through a Zen Walk and Mandala Yoga . Deep gratitude for this day of sharing with the Friends of the Spode Rose Garden and the Community of Stoke. I loved to share in the open air , that was a very special morning!

Martin and I drove  Anthony to Manchester Airport on July 1 to spend 2 months with his Dad in NY and to do an internship at Drug Policy Alliance for his schools work experience. We all had an amazing feeling of accomplishment, and we were very proud of our boy that had completed his year with so much dedication, friendship and love from his friends and teachers. Congratulations Anthony!

We had only one 1 more event in Cheshire in Nantwich with the Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship on July 2nd. It was an unforgettable day!!!! A Good Bye gift from this first year in the UK !

It was a really special day meeting a great group of teachers who were taking their teacher’s training and also experienced yoga teachers. It was a nice book signing as well as everything unfolded naturally at the right time and the right place.


Thanks Deb  Jackson for inviting us! It was a beautiful group and an overflowing experience!

During this year we found a special place to go for walks  and we met many different friends that taught us in many different subjects of life, family , community and partnership. The Westport Lake has been the laboratory for this first  year experience in the UK , there we explored different aspects of life and relationships , also we exercised , practiced yoga, meditation, contemplation on a daily basis.  The last month we were gifted with our friends feathers that were incorporated in our classes and workshops.

Hope we all keep connected!


Hari Om everyone!



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