Life’s DJ …

How can we embrace the new rhythms that life has to offer, and co-create something fresh and unique …

How do we avoid taking refuge in our known old habits that has been replayed over and over …

WHY do we plan new steps with a suppose TUNE that may come in the Future but does not really exist now …

Today , I will call up into ” the Great Mandala of Life” and see what comes around …

When I was a performing artist in the 90′ s in NYC, I participated in improvisation  performances in the East Village called DJs and Dancers, the idea was based upon you(the Dancer) being able to improvise together with music and movement. We were co-creating together …

The following year we started a New Series called  ” BREAK OPEN ”  at the Solo arts Group in Chealsea.

This event was a very innovated  form of performance art where was an open evening of dancers, musicians and  artists that all improvised together in the moment. Everything was about  BEING IN TUNE with what was being offered to you , GOING WITH THE FLOW ….

If someone made a mistake, that mistake had to be part of the flow ( even falling over) so there were no mistakes because there was no Script, everything was improvisation between artists.

I also had the experience to perform with the Theatre of Dreams direct by Bob Paton in NYC. Same concept of improvising the audience dreams, someone from the Audience would share one of their dreams  and we would co-create  an act or scene from it.

Musicians were  part of the ensemble, they would start us off with the Dream’s Tune of which our improvisation would begin and then we would all create together, it was a great experience of being in the tune with the present moment

Teaching us to embrace what is offered to us and allowing ourselves to  BE IN TUNE with NOW.

The interesting phenomenon is when we realise that we are part of it , we co-create with Life’s DJ !

Knowing that we are not here to be in total control of everything, but to co-create and resonate with all …

Knowing that we are open to the changes and  challenges that life may offer to us  …

So Life’ DJ surprise us with different tune, sometimes it’s rock and roll, sometimes it’s a circular Dance, sometimes is a lullaby or just a deep Capella, sometimes it’s the sound of nature,  sometimes it just ring our bell and becomes SILENCE  or NOTHINGNESS and this is the time to hear our INNER SOUND.

Playing with Life’s DJ  really brings us this unique moment of EMBRACING THE NOW .

It allow us to receive the present tune of life that has been given to us fully accepting the invitation. From here anything can happen because we are not in control of it, you become a partner with the flow of life, the ego has no play into this composition  because there is not a Maestro or Conductor , as the Flower of life or a Mandala there is no beginning or ending.



Be ready to listen and improvise with LIFE’S DJ anything could happen even the most challenge one-


But remember you are part of it!









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