Life purpose is calling … Are you ready ?

Salutations and Happy New Year!

Life purpose is calling you …Are you ready to answer the call?

Go inside and pick up the line …

We had the Blessings of the Full Moon to kick start our New Year off and I am sure that it brought much needed clarity and resolution to our life, we almost could scan ourselves and see through all our hidden secret places inside. The New Moon on the 17 of January , also a great reminder for rebirth  …

Fortunately this month we have another Full Moon on the 31th and this brings forth a second chance to review our New Years purpose and actually re-connect a little bit deeper with the truth lying inside.

As the New born year arrives we always try to set new years resolutions which allows them to be a new tool for us to re- connect with the purpose in our life. But, somehow this year it felt very natural and clear and all we really needed to do is to trust this inner deep calling without hanging up the line even if the person that is calling ( your own yourself) is someone that you don’t know yet.

It is always very effective to bring our attention and our energy to the calling path that is manifesting from the inside out, but, many times we are still not sure if the path we are on is the right one or if is worth to bring our energy into it.

I invite you to take away this doubt and insecurity as part of the game of life without fear and begin this New Year letting go of all your projections that is coming from an outside point of view.


See your life as an ongoing Masterpiece of Art that you are working on gradually and allow changes to compose with your purpose in life, making adjustments is part of our purpose and being flexible is about being alive.


Having 2 full moons in one month gives you the chance to see the first picture and  letting go of things that do not resonate with you anymore and re-call again from a deeper point of view.

Why are we so afraid of making mistakes or entering a wrong path?

There is no such thing as a mistake or bad decision, these are  our best ways of learning the lessons we need to learn in this life to take forward in our quest for enlightenment.

Here I am  inviting you to perceive the deeper call from your Naked Self and to listen carefully to its message.

How do you surrender to this deeper voice from this inner clear space inside ?

How do you accept gracefully the nature of  being in tune with yourself, receiving a flash of wisdom and allowing yourself to trust it.

Many times we stray from our destined path  to where we don’t belong. So, we can re-connect again with our inner meaning and find our tune again that establishes the true path that we must follow. So, join this unknown path as an invitation for you to perceive with more clarity who you really are and your next role in this  “Play of Life”.


We can only compose with the “Master Play of Life” when we clear understand our hole.

There is no Purpose in one’s life without resonating with the fuller picture.



Sit in a comfortable position on a chair or on the floor.



  1.  Close your eyes and bring your hands to the Heart Centre, the left in contact with your heart and the right on the top. Relax the shoulders , face and jaw. Soften the space between your eyebrow.


Listen to your heart allowing the breath to come in and out as naturally as this mudra feels.  Observe all your thoughts , sensations, imaginations and contemplate them. Have no judgments , Be in tune with your inner core.

2.    Grasp your hands together on Sahasrara Mudra on the top of your head.

Feel your heart open to give and receive without fear, without attachments and without illusions.

Intension : Open yourself to give and receive love and light, transforming bad experiences into pure wisdom and knowledge, feeling purified and blessed from the inside and out.

Be ready to compose with the Mandala of your Life.

Feel if this position feels whole with your inner core,  composing  a natural flow of peace and love within your heart and with the whole .

Play with these two mudras and find the connection between you and your purpose in life.  Enjoy your practice throughout this month until the Full Moon on the 30th of January  .

Try to practice at least 3 minutes daily on each mudra.                                                                                   


Luciana Leuzzi – Lila



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