Intimate with your Soul



As the end of the year draws closer , winter arrives with its invitation for deeper connection with our inner self. At this time of the year everything gets too intense, and specially self -judgments  about everything that happened during the year. It is a great time for Meditation

As the days are getting darker and darker, we become more and more introspective  reaching inner spaces within. Perceiving the hidden treasures that underline our surface. Meditation just happens naturally and we receive gifts of this inner connection.

As the trees when they lose their leaves and show us their naked bodies , it’s now the time to become NAKED WITH OUR SOUL  and go beyond the ever changing surface.

Only when we become naked with our soul are we able to re-connect with our essence and be recharged with the inner message that we will carefully listen without judgment of fear.

So here I am to invite you to become intimate with your soul, hear the whispers and the messages that are coming from this deep connection!

Become one with who you are beyond your resistance, beyond your masks beyond your fears.

This coming Full Moon on December 3rd will bring you clarity to your heart and soul.

Be good to yourself and to others without judgment, just melt your heart in the light of your soul.



Sitting in a chair or cross leg position, hands  in any position that you feel comfortable and follow your breath as you close your eyes :

Inhale hold your breath and  look all projections that you have of yourself, what you should be doing , who you are ,  who would you like to be or  what you should do. Hold your breath until you able to.

Be careful if you have high blood pressure.

On a long and deep exhalation start to take your “clothes off” , or all the mental an emotional , worries , frustrations ,  letting everything go that identifies with your ego. Try to forget who you think you are or what you should be doing. LET GO …

Continues with this movement of breath until you get into your naked soul.

Sing something that comes from your soul , that you love to sing , enjoy it!

Become one with your shining light as you receive the blessings of the Full Moon.


Lila- Luciana Leuzzi