Month: October 2017

Autumn- Contemplation and Meditation


Fall with grace and gratitude

As we reach the maturity of our inner and outer perceptions, nature offering us a Festival of Colours just as a “Good Bye Party ” before winter arrives. The Fall brings maturity and detachment which allows us to reflect upon the infinite aspect of our being, beyond the outside pleasure and joy of the summer.

It’s about letting things go we don’t need anymore and letting them circulate into the “Mandala of  Life” as they will recycle and return to us in the future with new teachings and new challenges.

Lots of people feel depressed and unplaced when the fall comes. They know that it’s the first call for the depths of winter and that each day will be darker and colder.

Make sure you keep practicing your yoga exercises and breathing, this will help  balance the yin/yang energies.  , also do not miss the natural beauty of the fall, keep a connection with nature as it is absolutely essential for inner healing .

Let’s perceive the Fall with our arms open as we detach ourselves from unnecessary thoughts and emotions and let’s connect with our inner light and prana that will help us to build the inner fire within.

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Meditation for Letting go …


  1. Open your heart centre by holding both arms out with your hands open on the side of your body keeping your elbows bended in a comfortable position . ( see diagram below left)
  2. Inhale deeply and exhale completely, letting go everything that you need to let go.
  3. Visualize leaves falling from the trees without any struggles or attachment.
  4. Be open to let it go …


Activating your inner light-

Let the light overcome the darkness as we connect with our inner fire.


  1. Pran Mudra – Thumbs touching the ring and little finger.
  2. Breath of Fire- Short and sharp inhale through the nose follow by sort and sharp exhale. Inhale and exhale quickly felling the navel point moving inward and releasing. DON’T DO IF YOU PREGNANT, just inhale and exhale long and deep with a nice smile on your face !
  3. Feel the lightness shining through your body , mind and spirit. Trust this light , it will guide your way always , it will shine through the darkness as you remove ignorance and fear.
  4. To finish , inhale deep and hold your breath for at least 6 second shinning the light from within out. DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH IF YOU HAVE HEART CONDITIONS OR IF YOU PREGNANT.

Enjoy your inner light!  Light others with Joy Peace and love !


Light a candle and gaze at the flame for a few minutes without blinking and then close your eyes visualize the light flame in your Ajna Chakra.

Meditate and realise !

With love

Lila- Luciana Leuzzi


In Tune with the Full Moon

The Full Moon of October is known by the Harvest Moon.

It is time to connect with your inner light and allow your intuition to guide your meditation.

Let’s open ourselves to be inspired by creativity , courage and inner strength.

Lets also be more aware of others and more sensitive in our relationships.

Lets transform the power of our inner spirit into self-healing and self realization.

It is time to share our inner light and expand it into all aspects of our life.

Also it is time to see things that are ready to be recycle and given back to the Universe, starting point to be aware of what needs to let go, so life will flow with grace into this next season.

Please take a very good look of all that is manifesting into your life and listen clearly to the inner insights that your meditation will whisper within you.

Do not take any extra weight into your backpack , let the extra heavy stuff that does not belong to you to be taken care by those that actually have created them.


Bringing all 5 finger tips touching each other representing the 5 elements in our life:

Take time to follow your breath as comes in and out naturally and fully.

Feel your inner spirit expanding for all aspects in your life as you are able to take a deeper view of your:

home, work, relationships, challenges, understanding, sharing, creativity, connection, strength, failures, disappointment and everything that is being display for you.

Let your intuition to guide you with clarity  showing the Big Picture of your Life.

After this meditation, lie down on savasana, relaxation posture and relax completely.



Salutations from the Full Moon!

 Luciana Leuzzi – Lila