Month: September 2017

Greettings from the New Moon

The New Moon always brings us an invitation for new perceptions and new visions …

We need to empty ourselves to receive and capture the essence of this invitation …


Exploring new paths ways with a neutral mind and an open heart …

Amplifying our ” Ajna Chakra Antena” to capture the messages from a higher plane without being distracted with the small and unnecessary daily events.

Take time for this re-connection with yourself and the whole. EMPTY YOURSELF !

Meditation to amplify this energy and awake the inner “Antena”.

  1. Inhaling slowly bringing the awareness into your nostrils and visualise the air coming into the Ajna Chakra as you fill your mind with emptiness, nothingness.

2. Hold the breath as you connect with the triangle form and uplift your energy.

3. Exhaling bringing the awareness back into the nostrils, letting the air out completely, opening your hands and heart to receive new inspiration with an open heart and fresh mind. No judgment!


Create a rhythm with your breath and this 2 movements and repeat at least for 3 minutes.

If possible continue for a longer period of time …

Enjoy it!

Being receptive and open to the fresh and new!







There are times that the call upon the Full Moon is a celebration within. A deep dive crossing the tides that stops us to perceive the underwater of our deepest self.

I invite you to take this Full Moon invitation to go a little deeper and listen to your inner tides and not to be afraid to dive through them and reach this deep place inside.

You can practice sitting on a chair or on the floor sitting in a pillow.

At first we will use a Mudra that will connect with the Duality and the 2 Nostrils.

We use this mudra on the inhalation …




After we will bring the Oneness of the Cosmic Mudra on the exhale.


Lets practice:

  1. Clasp your hands together and extent the index fingers and place them under your nostrils .

2.   Inhale  deeply and slowly and meditate on this pure divine light coming into your nostrils and going all the way down each side of the spine.

3.  Hold gently your breath as you visualize this 2 channels becoming one at the base of the Sushuma.

4.  Then slowly exhale the air ( bringing your hands on Cosmic Mudra) and letting go all the duality of this 2 channels joining the Oneness of Shushuma Nadi. Visualize the energy coming all the way out to the top of your head when you exhale.

Keep practicing as you allow this flow to became a natural  long and deep inhalation and a long and deep exhalation, without any retention without any duality , just one continuous flow of PRANIC HEALING LIGHT. From Duality to Oneness.

Alternating this 2 Mudras.

Enjoy your practice and go beyond the surface in this FULL MOON!

When you finished , stay on Cosmic Mudra and feel the ONESNESS from inside and out!


Enjoy your practice!


Hari Om!